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To create an outstanding experience for people as they discover their true potential to achieve their goals and live their dreams.


To inspire, motivate and empower people to create fulfilled lives by living to their fullest potential.


Providing leadership coaching to boost accountability & increase productivity, overcome stress & mental blocks and achieve your goals by creating true change from within.


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We help you achieve your goals - both business and personal. Who you are and what you do affects both your professional and personal life.

When you work with us what you will get is:

  1. You will first of all be able to quantifiably assess and become aware of your present condition - your beliefs and blocks which hold you back.
  2. You will learn to clarify and prioritize your focus.
  3. You will understand the crucial difference between a goal and a wish.
  4. You will create a time-based roadmap to your goals.
  5. You will become more accountable in your daily tasks, which will quickly lead to boosting productivity in all areas of your life - business, sales and personal.

Spirit Empowerment | Masuda Floyd works with spiritually aware business owners and professionals who are ready to make transformational lifestyle changes from within, in order to reduce stress, increase accountability and productivity, and thereby achieve their business and personal goals.

Our core philosophy is no matter what aspect of our lives we are working on, business or personal, real change only comes from within.

By conquering the daily, small steps you ultimately create profound lifestyle changes from the inside out.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step.” - Lao Tzu

Choosing & Creating Your Lifestyle

One size does *not* fit all! Our service is individualized and is tailored to fit your specific needs.

Be it marketing or managing your weight - it is about making choices and creating a lifestyle that will lead you to your goals.

Who Do You Want To Be Today?™

  • What if you had the power to remove the internal resistances and mental blocks that hold you back from living life to your fullest potential?
  • What could you achieve?
  • What would your life look like?

These life-empowering tools exist! You can remove these resistances and
take a conscious step towards living the life of which you dream.

Discover Your Potential - Live Your Dreams

You have the Power to Create Your Life. You have a choice!
You can live the Life You Choose. The question is do you want to?

5 Steps to a Stress-Free - Empowered You™

Mindful Self Management™

Find Out How These Programs Can Help You Live An Empowered Life & Run A Successful Business

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Mindful Self Management™ and Leadership

The secret to success is self-management.  Eventually it boils down to how well we manage ourselves – our emotions, our time, our selves.  It is about not allowing ourselves to be controlled by our environment and all the stressors around us – instead it is about taking charge of our own thoughts and actions.


By learning to manage our thoughts, emotions and actions we become better leaders.  To be able to lead others well, we must learn to lead ourselves well – which is the ultimate secret to success – both professional and personal.  How well do you lead yourself?  The Energy Leadership™ assessment along with the 5-Steps to a Stress-Free Empowered You™ and Mindful Self Management program can help you unlock the door to a new future filled with unforeseen opportunities, potential and success.


The most significant thing we can do for ourselves is to believe in ourselves, and have faith in the future we work towards creating for ourselves.

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5-Steps to a Stress-Free - Empowered You and Mindful Self Management

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Who We Are & What We Do

How We Can Help

We are a group of Life & Business coaches and consultants, offering personal and business solutions. Our purpose is to empower and move forward individuals and businesses towards realizing their goals using practical leadership skills.

We offer coaching in goal-setting and accountability in your business as well as personal life. We use quantifiable assessments to coach you on how to reduce stress, overcome mental blocks and self-sabotaging behaviors that hold you back from reaching your goals.

We can teach you proven methods on how to use technology and social media to get more clients. Our coaches can help you with your copywriting needs (content for websites, blogs, newsletters etc.). Some of our coaches work on weight & life-style management and work-life balance issues. Customized packages are available.

By forging a partnership with a coach the process becomes faster because you and your coach strategize a plan with clear and measurable steps to create a roadmap that works for you.  Most importantly, every step of the way, your coach holds you accountable to the promises you make to yourself.  For more on how coaching works, click on Coaching

                What Sets Us Apart

We believe no matter what aspect of our lives we are working on, business or personal, real change only comes from within.

                 Referral Network

Through our referral network we can connect you with virtual assistants, consultants, tutors (mathematics, statistics, writing) and real estate agents.

Contact us for referrals or to find out how to be added to the referral network.


Who Can Benefit From Our Services

Life & Business Coaching 


Typically our clients consist of small business owners and professionals. Quite often we work with solo-practitioners.

Our hands-on, personalized service works well with entrepreneurs who are new to the business world or professionals who are looking to take their current practice/business to the next level.

Our clients realize that growing their business is intricately interwoven with self-growth. They are eager to discard beliefs that limit their potential and are energized about making lifestyle changes and growing from within.

Following are some examples of Service Professionals and Freelancers we work with -

Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Professionals, Consultants, Coaches, Salespeople, Technology & Computer Professionals, Tutors, Teachers, Trainers of any discipline.

We coach you/your employees in goal-setting and accountability by incorporating self-development skills into the process at a level with which you are comfortable.

Addressing the 3 Facets of Marketing

Our coaching program for business owners & solo-practitioners is balanced to address the 3 important facets of marketing

1) motivational aspect (overcoming mental blocks, self-sabotage, fear),
2) it is task oriented and
3) it centers on accountability.

Helping You Get Clients

Keeping the 3 facets always at the foreground, we empower and move forward professionals to create the necessary change from within to reach and surpass their sales goals, by offering a laser focused marketing program around goal-setting, organization and staying on target.

Are you someone,

  • who is tired of status quo and is ready to make significant changes in your life?
  • who is eager to take your "game" to the next level?
  • who is on a path of self-discovery?
  • who believes you can be and you want to become more than just the sum of your job, education and circumstances?
  • who wants to live a "conscious" life, by making conscious choices?
  • Are you someone with passion?
Feel free to explore and learn more about how a coach can partner with you to assist you in reaching your goals. Please contact us for a complimentary session.

Services Offered

Leadership Development - small businesses and professionals:

--One-on-one and group coaching on personal & professional development, empowerment, accountability, life and business skills for the focused and self-aware individual
--Tailored solutions to setting up and maintaining key processes to stay focused on improving productivity in all areas (personal/business), highlighting marketing operations for small businesses and entrepreneurs
--Quantifiable diagnostics performed to identify areas and opportunities where assistance can be provided for improving productivity

Speaking Engagements & Writing Services:

--Customized workshops, seminars, tele-seminars adapted to fit each unique organization
--Copywriting, content writing (websites, blogs, newsletters & more), work-for-hire, ghost writing, research & reports

Topics & Specialties

* Get Clients – Lead Generation using Technology/Internet/Social Media 
* Communication – Engage clients & employees, improve retention 
* Create lasting & mutually rewarding relationships
* Build Self-confidence/esteem – Leadership skills
* Overcome mental blocks, procrastination, self-sabotage
* Strategize realistic plans – improve follow-through
* Stress Release & Time Management, goal setting, prioritization
* Conflict Management & Resolution
* Weight and Life Style Management & its effects on other areas of one’s life


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